What is an Airport certificate?
An official document: Issued by the Regulatory Authority. Supported by Technical documentation demonstrating that the Aerodrome for which it was issued meets specific Air Safety-Related Criteria.

REGULATORY BACKGROUND: Development of ICAO SARPs and Guidance Material
Annex 14 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Volume 1 Aerodrome Design and Operations Adopted by Council in 1951 Amendment 4 to Annex 14 1st November 2001Manual on Certification of Aerodromes First Edition 2001 refers.

Airport Certificate Purpose

Airport Certificate - Supporting Documentation
The Airport certificate is a one-page document, posted in a visible location. Therefore supporting documentation must be prepared and maintained. It is in the form of an Airport Operations Manual (AOM)

Airport Certificate
In order to obtain a certificate, the Operator must apply with the Regulatory Authority
This is followed by a flight operations assessment
The AOM receives approval (if accepted)
The Airport certificate is then granted

Airport Certificate - Maintenance
Once issued, it must be maintained.
Aerodrome is subject to regular inspections by the Licensing Authority
Non-compliance must be corrected or Certificate could be suspended

Airport Certificate - Requirements
The certificate holder must satisfy the Regulating Authority that: Particulars to be included in the Aerodrome Manual
Part 1 – General introduction
Part 2 – Aerodrome site data
Part 3 – AIS data for publication in AIP
Part 4 – Aerodrome Operating Procedures
Part 5 – Administration & Safety Management System

Obligations of the Licensing Authority Obligations of the Operator Airport Operations Manual (AOM)
The most important document in support of the Airport Certificate
A guide for all Operational matters at the Airport
A proof of structured management
A Training Tool
Objective of the AOM
To have in place an organized and orderly approach in the Management of Aerodrome Safety by the Operator

Airport Operations