Guidance to Airports on planning and conducting Maintenance work to ensure the safe operation of Civil / Mechanical / Electrical / Building equipment, infrastructure and facilities and to ensure compliance to Engineering Standards, OHSACT and Aviation Regulations and other relevant legislation / standards.

An airport, being an important part of the Aeronautical Infrastructure, has to meet high Safety Standards. The required level of safety can only be achieved by proper Maintenance of all the elements composing an airport.
Maintenance includes measures to keep or restore the operational function as well as measures to check and to evaluate the present function of an element.
The basic components of maintenance are:
— inspection;
— servicing and overhaul; and
— repair.

Assist Airports with the following:
Compile Standard Operating Procedures, predictive preventative maintenance plans and schedules for equipment, infrastructure and facilities.
Assist with Service Level Agreements for Infrastructure and Equipment.

Maintenance of Visual Aids
Spare parts
Light maintenance schedule General
Basic maintenance programme for approach, runway and taxi way lightinsystems

Additional maintenance programme
Special types of lights
Maintenance programme for other Airport lights

Docking guidance systems
Light maintenance procedures
General hints for the maintenance of lights
Cleaning procedures for lights
Light measurement
Lamp replacement
Removal of water


Maintenance of Airport Electrical Systems
Schedule of maintenance
Power cables and distributors in field
Transformers and regulators (including standby units)
Transformer stations for electric power supply
Relay and switch cabinets (including switch cabinets in sub-stations)
Control cables, monitoring units, control desk
Secondary power supplies (generators)
Fixed 400 Hz ground power supplies
Apron floodlighting

Maintenance of Pavements
Surface repair
Portland cement concrete pavements
Bituminous pavements
Repair of joints and cracks
Joints in concrete pavements
Concrete joint maintenance
Joints in bituminous pavements
Cracks in concrete pavements
Cracks in bituminous pavements
Repair of pavement edge damage
Edge repair
Corner repair
Repair of other pavement surface deficiencies

Purpose of sweeping
Surface monitoring

Cleaning of surfaces
Cleaning of contaminants
Purpose of cleaning pavements
Removal of rubber deposits
Fuel and oil removal

Removal of snow and ice
Snow plan and Snow Committee
Procedures for interrupting air traffic
Procedures for snow removal
Surface de-icing
Surface anti-icing
Personnel training

Cleaning of slot drains
Drain pipes or culverts between surfaces and collector basins
Oil and fuel separators
Water hydrants

Maintenance of Unpaved Areas
Maintenance of green areas within strips
Maintenance of grass on unpavedrunways and taxiways
Maintenance of green areas outside strips

Equipment for maintenance of grass
Treatment of cut grass
Removal of Disabled Aircraft
Removal plan
Personnel training
Storage of equipment
Maintenance of removal equipment

Maintenance of Equipment and Vehicles
Organization of vehicle maintenance
Schedule of vehicle maintenance

Lighting and electric equipment
Communication facilities
Air conditioning system
Heating facilities
Automatic doors
Baggage conveyor belts (fixed installations)
Baggage claim units
Passenger boarding bridges
People lifts (elevators)
People movers (escalators, etc.)
Fixed fire protection installations
Safety Department

Airport Operations